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iOS to WP8: The First 24

It has now been over 24 hours since I moved from my iPhone running iOS to the Nokia Lumia 920 running WindowsPhone 8 (WP8).

First the Good:

I love the speed and responsiveness of the touch interface. There is no lag at all whenever I am typing or switching applications. I am becoming a fan of the WP8 “Live Tile” interface, though I was not at first.  I like that I can make each tile small, large, or wide to suit my needs. Just like with Android, I am fan of being able to customize my phone UI. Which you cannot do with the iPhone.

Wireless charging. You get a free “charge pad” when you buy the 920. This allows me to just lay the phone on the pad for it to charge. It is really hard to plug in a cable to charge? No. But it is great to just put my phone down on my night stand without have to mess with cables. Purely just a convenience.

Native Apps. These are by far the most superior native apps on any smartphone I have used. The email client, messaging, chat, maps, etc… are beautiful and work great. The maps are better than the new Apple Maps, but are not as good as google’s maps. Close, but just not there yet.  If  you happen to be in an exchange environment then there is nothing better (in my opinion of course). Of course the Gmail client worked great as well. Also, Nokia’s free apps are quite cool. The PhotoBeamer app is fun and allows you to display any photo you have on your phone to any other smart phone.

Battery life so far has been great. I have been talking, texting, watching videos, web browsing and the battery has responded well. This of course will change over time, but I am very happy with it.

Web browsing. This is a far superior experience than other smartphones I have used. Websites come in fast and are quick to render. I was really surprised by this as IE is my least favorite browser to use.

iTunes sync. This is where one of the drawbacks of being a flower in Apple’s walled garden for long comes into play. All my music and photos are in the AppleSphere known as icloud. So I was beyond happy when I found out that Mac has a WP app tht allows me to easily sync my music and other media to my phone. Worked fast and correct the first time I used it.

Camera and Video. These work well and are just as good as it’s counterparts.

Autocorrect. I had my share of “damn you autocorrect!” experiences on the iPhone, and I am happy to not have to deal with them anymore. The WP8 autocorrect is not overly sensitive and really allows me to type faster with less errors.  This is a huge plus.

Now for the bad:

3rd Party Apps. Ugh, this is where my experiment with Android went bad. That and the fact that my phone never received the new OS updates.  Lack of 3rd party app support is what will kill a smartphone. This is where apple is KING. There is nothing better than the Apple AppStore. Nothing. If MSFT could only get over that hurdle I could see myself staying with the WP8 long term.

A lot of the apps I  used are there, Facebook, WordPress, twitter, etc.. However, my bank does not have an app, starbucks, 8×8, and some other services do not have any apps. Can I survive with out these? Sure. But, I do wish they were there. I hope that the WP8 dev community will grow, but time will tell.  Right now, this is a big negative, at least for me, about the phone.

Size. The size of the phone is more than what I like and what I am used to. It is not a big negative and honestly it is better for videos. However, I do miss the iPhone form factor.

Overall, I can point out far more good items than bad ones, so I am happy with the change. The Nokia Lumia 920 has so far been the best smartphone experience I have had with the iPhone being a close second. Android is getting close, but the fragmentation is really what will keep Google from reaping it’s possible rewards.

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